Team Ohio: Best described in the words of Forrest Gump, “We go together like peas and carrots”. It’s been two long years since Ben and I really got to hunt together. The first day of season I was able to film him harvest Slammer a gross 180”. Our time to hunt as a team is definitely limited by distance and work.

I’d traveled down to Ben’s new place several times over the summer and early fall hanging stands, and helping with all the necessary preparations for the upcoming season. We looked at aerials, walked the new farms and did whatever leg work Ben and Jarod needed me to do. You could say I was ‘earning my keep’.

November 1st my buddy Jeff Barrackman offered to film me hunt down at Ben’s and we saw a lot of movement but the big ones didn’t walk that day. The next opportunity I got to hunt would be on the 4th, and this time Ben would be in the tree with me.

We decided to hunt a brushy hillside hoping to catch bucks cruising the down wind side of a bedding area. The winds were supposed to be out of the south, but once we got in the tree they started to swirl. For a moment we contemplated getting down in fear of messing up this spot. We decided to wait until daylight to see if the wind would stabilize. The wind wasn’t bad, just not ideal so we stayed.

The early morning was slow as the deer were still making their way back from the crops. About an hour after daylight I hit the horns. A few minutes later we had a spike come in,and then Ben saw a deer coming down the ridge. He said, “it looks like a shooter”. With our focus on the mature buck we neglected to keep an eye on the spike. He spotted a little bit of our movement and went down the hill, which in turn put the big buck on alert.

The next twenty minutes was spent trying to coax him into bow range. It involved a whole lot of grunts and bleats. We treated him almost like a hung up turkey. We had called a bunch and then we just shut up. It was amusing to watch him in the thicket -trying to figure out whether to come or go. He actually circled around like a dog chasing his tail. Then he licked his nose once more and headed our way.

Like I said, “Peas and carrots”. When Ben and I get in the tree together we seem to get it done. The buck had closed the distance to 20 yards and it was over, crashing down on camera. Team Ohio had done it again. We only hunted together twice this year and got it done both times. As bad as my season started with cameras getting stolen, stands coming up missing and people hunting my spots it turned out to be one of my best years in the deer woods yet.

I guess life is like a box of chocolates – Tim