November 3: Jenny Wainwright

When Adam Wainwright asked Lance and I to go to Georgia on a hunting trip to Davis Love III’s property on November 1 I thought both of us had absolutely lost our minds, what going south for the rut.  This will be a first, but since we went into Dream Season Celebrity as Team Wainwright we will do whatever it takes because we are Team players.

Adam emailed me the hit list of trail cam pics and Lance and I were very impressed with the quality of deer they had so we are on the way to Georgia!  Lance and I have Illinois tags and I also have an Iowa tag so we put them on hold for now.

After arriving in Meriwether County Georgia we settled into a rustic log cabin on the flint river an awesome place! We took good friend Lonnie Lockard with us to film Davis Love III and Lance filmed Adam and Jenny got stuck with me.

Jenny had never killed a deer before and we are going to hunt hard to make sure she gets her chance at a buck!  The first evening we went to a set that was up 25’ and Jenny was a little nervous until I got her safety harness hooked up and then we started seeing deer and she forgot all about being nervous.

Adam took a very nice mature buck on the third day during the morning hunt and after everyone looked at and celebrated over his buck... time just about got away from us!  Jenny and I were running late getting to the stand, as soon as we got settled in the deer began to come out on the food plot!  As soon as the field was full of deer one real nice young 8 pointer and then a 12 point management buck stepped out and Jenny said she was going to take him. So we waited and he saw our decoy we had out and he did not like that at all as he got closed he postured up to decoy George!  Jenny put the crosshairs of the TC 7mm mag on his shoulder and she let it eat and put an absolutely perfect shot on her first deer ever and I was proud of her and proud to a part of her first deer!

When you talk about Dream Season a lot of things will come to mind and this year is I hope that Adam and Jenny are having their Dream Season that will last a life time!  I know it has been an awesome experience that I will cherish for ever! 
Louie Payne