November 3: Chris Propst

"Ambush from Below"

So far this year, the pre rut, and first few days of November have been very slow for us in Missouri. With the combination of the full moon, farmers working in the fields, and rainy days, deer movement has been really suppressed.

When dad and I started hunting the first week, it was the same ol thing set after set, we were seeing very little movement. On the 3rd of November, in one of our best spots, we saw just two 2 1/2 year old bucks.

On the morning of the fourth, the movement was getting better, but we had to leave early because Dad had to take care of some business. As I always do, before I get down, I shot a practice arrow at a spot. We climbed down at just before 11am, and that's when the excitement began!

I pulled my arrow out of the dirt and put it in my quiver, as I looked up, I saw a nice buck coming right to us! I quickly dropped down and knocked an arrow and got ready. The buck came to about 18 yards and the staring contest was on! Finally the buck turned to leave, I was able to draw my bow back and make a perfect shot! The buck only went about 50 yards thanks to a huge hole and an awesome blood trail thanks to the Rage Broadhead.

It really was an awesome hunt, and it just shows how fast it can all happen!!

Good luck the rest of the fall, and hunt safe!!