November 4: Joe Shults

On November the 5th with a southeast wind and the
temperature on the rise we were headed to the old reliable
fence row set. With coming so close on so many occasions we where hoping maybe this evening it would happen.

Dog and I had made a decision to try something different
today because of an encounter that happened to us a few days
earlier. With the mature bucks doing what they do best,
circling down wind, we had a 5 1/2 year old do that very
thing 2 days prior. If I as the hunter would have been in
the camera stand I could have gotten off a shot. So on this day we decided to flip/flop. I would hunt out of the camera stand and Dog would film out of the hunters stand.

We started seeing our first movement around 3:10. With
most of the big bucks being across the field or cruising
down the middle of it. I decided it was time to try
something to try and get them to come our way. We had
received a new prototype call from M.A.D. Game Calls( Hyper Growl) to use
this season and we had planned to use it when we hunted the wheat field so we could observe the reactions of the deer to the calling. So I decided to give it a try.

Boy did it work, the buck came in on us so fast that I did not have time to get my PSE in hand and draw. It was an amazing encounter as you will see! The next buck that we saw in the field we called too and as he started coming in then I heard something in the timber behind us and as I turned to my amazement it was the first buck that I had called to.  He was coming back toward the field following a young doe. So, at that time I got Dogs attention as he was filming the buck in the field. As Dog turned and started filming the buck in the timber and as the buck neared Dog...he gave me the go ahead to take the shot! I was able to place the Rage in the cage at 18 yards.

So was the buck coming to the call for the second time or
just following another deer to the field? We will never
know because dead deer tell no tales!