At the end of the hunt in Georgia I had only one thing on my mind and that was to get to Iowa so we left Meriwether County Georgia about 8:30 on Thursday heading north and we drove and drove and drove until finally 900 miles later we pulled into our lease in Bloomfield Iowa!  By the time we unpacked the truck and got things ready to go it was 3:30 in the morning so that left 2 hours for sleep.  I may have slept 30 minutes because all I could think about was getting in the tree and what an awesome morning we might have!  

We saw 10 bucks and 9 does and had a 130” buck breed a doe 20 yards from our stand what a site that was.  After the morning hunt we had a lot to do... the third week of September Melissa and I went to our lease and hung stands and put out 4 Reconyx cameras and it was just like I was a kid again and it was Christmas morning!  I couldn’t wait to pull those cards and see what kind of bucks we had so I spent a short time looking at pics and then it was time to get in the tree again.

After a great morning the evening was very slow so it was off to another set of stands the next morning.  What a morning it turned into, we saw so much chasing and bucks tending does it wasn’t even funny!  I came close to a 150" ten pointer tending a doe but it was too thick for a shot.  So the temps warmed up to 75 degrees, sunny and hot but wait... we are in Iowa... so it wouldn’t matter if it were 102 degrees we would be in the stand!  We made our way to the set that I killed my buck out of in 2006, with the warm temps we worked up quite a sweat and I was losing confidence of seeing anything.  The evening sun was going down and I was facing dead to the west and we both were lit up like a light bulb and all I could think was I will be glad when the sun sets below the tree line so we do not get picked out.  

After I thought that a couple of does came in the food plot and then another doe came out and right behind her was the big 8!  I tried a couple of grunts and then a snort wheeze and he didn’t hardly even look my way.   He was tending that doe and his mouth was wide open!  He was just crazy in the rut so they both started out the end of the food plot about 150 yards away and the camera man came to me for an encounter interview.  As I was giving an interview I was watching the two deer and she turned and started down the food plot heading right for us and all I kept saying was please Lord let this doe walk past us.  I had a narrow shooting lane and she came down toward our tree and bedded in the food plot 10 yards from us and he stood 30 yards looking at her and facing us.  That left me with no shot and the big 8 stood there for 5 minute!  I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest!  Finally I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and a small buck was walking into the food plot and when he did the big 8 turned and I drew back and he walked out of my shooting lane behind some limbs. I had to bend back like I was doing the limbo and I let the PSE eat and hit him high and he went down right there.  I made the quick follow up shot and once he was down I was ecstatic  that Team Wainwright was on the board in Iowa!  I was very thankful for harvesting a mature buck.

Thanks to my wife Melissa for understanding what bow season means to me especially this year with Dream Season Celebrity with all the extra travel time.