November 7: Jeff Propst

‘’Deekin the old Warrior’’

By Jeff Propst

Well this rut has to go down as one of the slowest for us that I can remember, Chris and I have been grinding away at for several days and with very little sightings other than a few small bucks. The weather has made it tough hunting this year with all the warm temperatures that hit the Midwest right at the prime time to be hunting.

Finally on November 8th it all came together, After setting out the morning hunt for some much needed rest and catch up some work , I made the decision I wanted to hunt on a point of timber that runs out into a large cut corn field. The previous week Chris had put up a pop up blind and he brushed it in really good with a combination of corn stalks and cedar limbs, this particular point is where he killed his big double throat patch 8 pointer a few years ago. There is a narrow pinch in this field where the deer walk through to get to the main field, it is an awesome spot to kill a big buck.

The tempature was almost 70 degrees when I parked my pickup, and I was really having doubts that I would have any action, but it was November 8th, primetime in Northern Missouri, so I gathered my gear and headed for the blind. After getting to the blind location, I assembled the Boss Buck decoy that we had stored in the blind, and put it upwind of the blind about 18 yds away.

About 4:45 I looked to the east and spotted a doe staring at the decoy, after about a 3 to 4 minute staredown she started feeding slowly in our direction, shortly after that a I spotted a fawn coming out of the timber and when she got about 50 yds out from the timber she turned around and stared back into the inside corner of the field, and I had a feeling a buck was coming. Sure enough, I spotted this old warrior coming towards the decoy, it was awesome to see the buck react to the decoy, his hackles were up , and he had his ears pinned back, he was ready to rumble!

The buck slowly made his way to the decoy and as soon as he got in front of the window I needed to make the shot, I let the arrow fly and hit him right in ten ring! The buck exited the field and ran down into the woods and we waited a few minutes and decided to head back to have supper and come back to retrieve my buck.

The buck was really cool, he has 11 scoreable points, 18 ½’’ inside spread, really long beams, the right beam is 26’’ long and he had over 6’’ bases, and a unicorn between his eyes! He grossed scored 139 4/8’’ and is truly a unique trophy. Now its on to Illinois and Mo Firearm season, good luck to everyone!