November 8: Bric Steward

Well the chapter has closed on "The Skinny Ten".....

"WOW, look at this dudes tine length!" was the first thing I said when I got the reconyx pics sent to me from my buddy Max off my camera. I sat there for a moment as i studied his fuzzy growing rack, and said "man his tines and wide rack make him look skinny!" And that is where the name "The Skinny Ten" came from. He was a main framed 10 point with very short g4s, and short G1s, but wide and tall. Over the next few months I got to watch him grow as I continued to get picture after picture of him. I had what I thought was his home court narrowed down. We had put a two beautiful Biologic plots tucked away on the inside of two cornfieds. The plots wer split by a slue. I told my dad this is where I hoped to kill him. But, as I told him that I very seriously doubted I would kill him at all. You hope and dream about killing a certain deer, but it rarely comes true.

Fast forward to October 1st, opening day of Illinois Archery season. The weather is the best I had seen if for the month of October. But as I looked my calender, I had very little time to hunt for "The Skinny Ten" let alone hunt period. I snuck away to Nebraska where I was lucky enough to drop my first Mule Deer ever, but only whitetail hunted 5 sits total. Now its November and I'm scheduled to be out of my clinic from the 6th to the 10th. That is always thought to be a magical time!
"What in the world have I done to deseve this?", is what I was asking myself as my first day of vaction arrived. Accuweather about made me sick to my stomache telling me that the majority of my time was going to be warm and windy. The two things that can shut a rut down quiker than anything. But it was sweet November and Dad and I were going to be out there anyway. As the day's hunts slipped by we really began to wonder if we were even going to see a shooter at all. Then I got a text from Tom Ware telling me about the smash hunt he had had in Iowa, and after trading a few text he told me that he thought I would kill by the 9th. I didn't say much but, I thought "what world is he living in..I mean dude, it's 74 degrees, 20 mph wind gusts, and i needed more sunblocker that ScentBlocker."

A little touch of luck did fall our way. We stayed at it and made our first trip into the slue stand. We had our first sighting of a shooter and guess who it was? It was a glimpse, and we mean just a glimpse of "The Skinny Ten!" But he is so distictive we knew it was him. So we where having a little more optimism.

After thinking about it I thought about my favorite sport, Baseball. And, what do they do when they get behind? Rally caps! Everyone has a superstition or a way to rally back. I told Dad I was going to do the same. I went straight to my hunting room and grabbed the new PSE BowMadness arrows that I had just recieved in the mail. I tricked them out with Lumenoks and topped them of with the legendary 2 blade Rage! Now I felt I was back in the game.

November 9 was no different, it was balmy. But with the warmer than usual weather came a south wind which is what we needed to hunt the slue stand hanging over the mix of Biologic Perfect Plot and Maximum. Shortly after daylight the show started. Bucks were chasing does and checking them all over the outside picked corn field. Finally after the fields cleared, it was time to rattle, growl, and heat bleat. Not 2 minutes after hanging up the horns and calls. I turned around the the most magical sight I had seen in years(besides my wife at our wedding..Love You Rachel). It was him.."The Skinny Ten!" He was coming to regulate. He worked in perfectly. He slowly strolled across the Biologic, crossed the water filled slue, and straight to the tree. The rest, well...It's a little hard to discribe. I just want to say, if you've never bow hunted, you wouldn't understand the Madness!! My face after the shot says it all. Tom Ware, thank you buddy for the touch of
luck we needed to get back in the game. You called it cause we killed on the 9th. "The Skinny Ten" was what we dreamed he would be. He supported a 21 1/2" spread and 11"+ G2s and G3s, and yes he had the short 4s measuring in at exactly 1" each.

Good Luck to everyone the rest of the fall, the Rut is now upon us! -Bric