Story Told By John O'Dell 

After my harvest we had a 5 hour drive as we were off to hunt new ground and to meet up with our friends Cole and Cody Winther with Southwest Iowa Outfitters www.southwestiowaoutfitters.com . Due to major flooding in the Iowa River from all of the rain in late October three of our four farms we planned on hunting were under water so when we were invited by Cole and Cody to check out their operation in SW Iowa we jumped at the chance. They manage over 2,000 acres of some of the best whitetail country I have ever seen. They have great accommodations, great guides, and spectacular whitetail hunting. They also offer turkey, waterfowl, and upland bird hunting spread across thousands of acres. 

We were only able to hunt for a couple of days so we had to make things happen quickly. We hunted for two and half days and we saw great buck’s everyday. On November 6th Dave and I climbed into a stand we had hung the previous day by looking at topo maps of the farm. We were really confident that we had a great chance to harvest one of the many mature deer that Cole and Cody had pictures of from this area. Sure enough we had not been in the stand for five minutes and we had a buck come right underneath us. A short time later I heard some grunting and looked over my shoulder to see a mature 10 pointer dogging a doe. We were able to call the buck to 8 yards from the tree and Dave made a great shot capping off some of the best whitetail rut hunting I have experienced in quite some time. A big thank you goes out to Cole and Cody for a great hunt! Dave and I are already making plans for our next hunt with Southwest Iowa Outfitters!

Amy is up to bat next and is looking to harvest her fist buck with a bow. Dave and I hung some stands before I left Iowa that should be in the right spot so we’ll see.

Good hunting!
John and Dave