November 10: Terry Drury


Well, after tagging out in Missouri we decided to head to Illinois and see if we could connect with a giant from the Land of Lincoln. It was the beginning of November and we thought the bucks would be cruising. Circumstances were not in our favor, however.....

The temps were in the 60's and 70's, the deer were not moving, and we were hunting a small piece of ground that could easily be burnt out if we weren't careful. In fact, we only had four stands and a ground blind to hunt! Even so, we had a lot of faith in the 60 acre piece of heaven we were hunting. We had figured that even though it was small it was in the right spot to catch a cruising buck during the rut. The farm is a natural funnel due to constraints on both sides, creating a highway for bucks looking for does.

Day after day we hunted, watching as our favorite dates on the calendar flipped past us, the whole time wondering if we were going to get a chance to bow kill a shooter before gun season. We hardly saw any deer, let alone a big buck. The warm weather had the deer movement totally suppressed and we were tired of sitting in the same spots over and over. We needed something to change...

Finally, the weather forecast called for a cold front accompanied by a northerly wind flow and high pressure. This would be just what we needed to get the bucks up on their feet! With frost coating the ground every step of the way, we headed to a ridge top stand that is pinched between standing corn and a big ditch. It is a classic spot to catch a big buck cruising for does!

First light brought a couple of button bucks under our stand. Every once in a while we could hear a buck grunting in the corn and the buttons would snap their heads up to look in that direction. Eventually, they wandered off and walked down the hill to an alfalfa field. We didn't sit too much longer when we heard a grunt and saw a deer emerge from the standing corn. It was a shooter! He was grunting and cruising for does and headed right for us! The massive 13 point giant sniffed around in front of our stand, but we couldn't shoot because he was facing us. We patiently waited for him to turn and walk into our next shooting lane. When he stepped into the lane I stopped him and sailed a Rage through his airbags. The shot was perfect and he tore off through the timber!

He was downwind of our position all morning and never had a clue we were there! That's why we absolutely love the combination of Scentblocker and high pressure mornings!

What a way to end early bow season in Illinois! This hunt just goes to show how much influence the weather has on deer movement. This was the first cold, high pressure morning we had had in nearly two weeks and it took less than two hours to kill a buck.

Sometimes 60 acres isn't too small if it's in the right spot and hunted wisely!