Coon Dog and I packed up and headed to Northern Missouri for the opening day of gun season. It was going to be my first hunt in the Show Me State! Last season I got to film Coon Dog take his buck with his PSE and it got me rewarded with getting to hunt the opener for the 2009 gun season.

When we arrived like always we hit the ground running,
checking food plots and popping up blinds because the
weather man said that rain was on the way. Coon Dog has us a spot picked out that he said he always saw good bucks every season.

As we awoke that morning it was a clear morning. While we were checking the weather and wind directions on the
internet and getting ready for the hunt a heavy fog roled
in. As we settled into the blind and daylight started to
break we could only see about 40 yards around us. I knew it would be a wait until the sun came up to burn off the fog before we could see the CRP field that we were set up to watch the deer cross.

After the sun started to rise and the fog disappeared Coon Dog spotted a doe and right behind her was a nice Mo. buck in tow. She took him down one of the draws toward one of our Biologic food plots. We thought that would be the last of them we would see. Then after about 5 minutes had past Coon Dog said her she comes over the knoll. When I look to the left of her and there he was! He was standing in front of a cedar tree locked in on our blind. I asked Coon Dog if he was on him and he gave me the green light to take him when ever I was ready!

As I settled in with my .50 caliber Thompson Center Pro
Hunter into my shooting stick the buck stood like a statue looking our way. Then when the crosshairs where on the buck I squeezed the trigger and the smoke rolled. I felt good about the shot and the Thompson Center had never let me down before so I was sure the buck was down.

When we got down and walked over to where the buck was
standing we saw blood and lung tissue at the spot! We also looked at the cedar tree that the buck was standing in front. To our amazement ther was blood in the cedar tree 5 feet high!

After we started following the blood trail it did not
take long to see my first Missouri buck on the ground! He had fallen only 20 yards from one of our Biologic food plots. My first Missouri hunt did not last long but it is a day that I will never forget!