November 13: Kyle Lamore & JJ Kolesar

Kyle Lamore Harvested 128" on 11/14/09 & JJ Kolesar Harvested 135" on 11/15/09 

Back to Back Baby!

Kyle and I like to call ourselves “Grinders”. The reason being is that we feel we work as hard as anyone, if not harder, to try to get opportunities at mature whitetails and often times those encounters are limited. We tend to hunt small farms that we try to make the most of when the time is right. As of November 14th we were still grinding and very frustrated that we have had only one weak opportunity at harvesting a good buck. We have seen the fruits of our labor, but the encounters were 100 yards or greater away from our stand.

On the evening of Nov. 14th our frustrations culminated when Kyle and I sat in his truck for a half an hour debating on which stand we need to hunt. We both had differing opinions on which set could be productive, but neither of which we had much confidence. I won the debate, being that Kyle chose the set that morning. At 4pm that evening, our luck made an about-face turn in our direction. The change was in the form of a 4-year old bruiser we call “Warrior” because of the scars he has around his head. We called him in with a few grunts and bleats, but 50 yards was as close as he wanted to play. With “Warrior” licking a branch directly down wind Kyle launched a 51 yard shot. We had to cheer the arrow on to get there. When it arrived it struck the big-bodied buck right in the lungs, and that was all she wrote. Not a great opportunity, but an absolutely wonderful result, and sometimes that is all you need to get the party started!

It wasn’t but 10 hours after our buddies (Chris and Matt) helped us drag Kyle’s deer out that we had to go find and drag another one. That’s right, the next morning the celebration continued when Kyle and I rattled and grunted a beautiful mid 30’s 8-point to 25 yards. After another double-lung shot and about 80 yards we had capitalized on our 2nd buck in 2 days on Back-to-Back hunts. These types of hunts don’t happen to us very often, but I wish it did. Truly, these were the only deer we saw on both of those hunts. I am just thrilled we were able to capitalize on the opportunities. We have to give thanks to our co-leasers Chris and Matt for helping with the stands, the find and drag, and better yet, making the celebration that much more enjoyable. Good Luck the rest of the year to all of you. I believe the best is yet to come! Kyle and JJ (Team Illinois)