November 14: Terry Drury


Nothing gets us more excited than a cold front pushing in, especially when we can switch out our PSE bow for a firearm. Having a little fire power in your hands seems to even up the game a little!

We have mixed feelings about Missouri rifle season. Without question, hunting with a gun is a huge advantage, but the deer wise up to the hunting pressure extremely quick. and sometimes movement can be suppressed for a while. Rifle season opened up the day before, and since the crack of dawn on that first day, guns were popping left and right from the neighboring farms and it sounded like World War II!

However, the forecast called for falling temps and rain showers. Just what we needed to get the big deer on their feet! We chose to head out early, but we didn't want to ruin our HD camera equipment so we headed to a box blind, knowing that the weather and the rut could bring a shooter by us at any time of the day. We were hunting over a smorgasbord of corn, beans, and Biologic Maximum, so we knew we would have everything that the deer could possibly want to eat!

Inside of our box we were nice and toasty, but outside it was getting colder and the rain was falling harder. We were just settled in when does started to pop out everywhere. Next, a nice 3 year old with a broken rack came out to check for hot does. The evening was starting to shape up quite nicely!

Throughout the rest of the afternoon, does and small bucks were constantly popping in and out of our field. We knew it was just matter of time before a shooter appeared. Sure enough, from the far side of the field a gorgeous buck emerged and started dogging does. He was accompanied by another big buck that we knew very well, the Behind The Barn Buck! He earned his name from where we were getting his Reconyx pics, and he was on our hit list! Both bucks trotted back and forth in and around the field checking for does, almost as if they were tag-teaming the field. We figured they would end up at our box before the night was over.

As if on cue with our thoughts, both deer trotted right towards our blind. The Behind the Barn Buck never offered us a broadside shot until he got to the side of the blind. This presented a problem for us because the side window of the blind was closed. We knew we would spook him if we tried to open the window and latch the hooks above our heads, so we just cracked it open and slipped our bodies into the opening with the heavy window resting on the back of our heads.

We stopped him in the Biologic, he stood broadside, and I let my Thompson Center slug gun belch. The 300 grain Hornady slug pounded right through his boiler room and he bolted into the timber!

This was the third buck on our "Hit List" that we have killed this year! He is 5 1/2 years old and is definitely a great buck to kill!