November 15: Gary Levox

Good friend Darrell Daigre was a mutual friend of Gary and mine and told me that Gary had seen the shows before. I about dropped over when Darrel informed me that Gary even knew who we were!

Gary and I had spoken several times over the past year trying to set up a date to have him in to hunting camp. I couldn’t wait to have him up…especially knowing he had an extreme passion for the sport! I always knew he was a passionate hunter and couldn’t wait to have him in as a guest for the Missouri rifle season.

The plan was that I was going to film Gary in the mornings because everyone knows how Taylor loves to sleep in and miss the morning hunt. In the evenings I would then film Taylor and cameraman Joe Foster would film Gary.  We had a ton of encounters with buck after buck both AM and PM. We just weren’t seeing the buck we wanted to shoot though!

Between hunts we laughed and cried more times then I can count. Gary missed his calling…he should have been a comedian and not the lead singer in Country Music’s hottest band! He even had one special treat for us…taking us on his tour bus and letting us hear a demo song that he had written which is due out in the next few months…and it was awesome! We also ate like kings, as my brother in law and nephew Gene & Joe Basler came up and prepared and cooked all the meals for us. Over all it was one blast of a deer camp!

On the 3rd day of the hunt, I took Gary to one of my favorite spots and I had cameraman Joe Foster sit in a blind scouting to see if anything came out in preparation for the evenings hunt. Joe saw an awesome 150 class 10-point go to bed in a deep cedar thicket and we knew that was the spot for Gary’s afternoon hunt!

That afternoon the action was fast and furious! They saw six different bucks…one buck went in to that same cedar thicket and came running back out immediately. Joe and Gary felt like the 150 Class 10 point had to still be in there and ran the other deer out!

The next buck out of the cedar thicket was the 10-point he shot, but upon further review not the 10 that was scouted earlier in the day. Non-the less it was a respectable buck and Gary was thrilled to have the opportunity to harvest him!

It was still raining so hard when we went to recover the buck that we had to take the photography in the barn. Not the most ideal scenario, but a great ending regardless!

In all my years I don’t know if I have had a more enjoyable guest in camp! It is clear that Gary’s passion for hunting runs deep and any hunter who isn’t already a fan of Rascal Flatts should be! This guy is one heck of a representative for the great sport of hunting that we love so dearly!

He is welcome back every year! -Mark