November 12: Zach Playle

I had an early out from school so Grandpa and I went hunting. This outing was really to scout an area of the farm we hadn't hunted much this fall.This is the same area where I shot my first gun deer six years ago. We have this field planted in Biologic clover plus a maximum.This field really did well this fall. They have eaten the clover plus to the ground but the maximum is lush. Doe and yearlings were in and out of the field all afternoon. We watched a spike buck breed a doe right after we got into the blind.

At five o'clock my deer came into the field looking. We had several doe 40 to 50 yards from our position. My buck nudged some of the doe that were close to us. We ranged him at 42 yds with the Nikon range finder. He stopped and started eating the Biologic Maximum right in front of us. I let it rip with my PSE x-force super short NI. I put a good shot on him with the Rage broadhead. We went back to the cabin to review the footage. The shot looked good, maybe a little far back. We were using luminocks so it was easy to see the hit.   After we reviewed the footage, the FUN began. 

We then went back to where we knew my buck entered the timber, we looked up the hill and saw the red Lumenok shining.  We watched the red light, and then it began to move a little and then it took off, so we backed out.  We waited for close to an hour before cominge back to where we had last seen the Lumenok and started tracking.  We went about 250 yards and saw the red Lumenok light again.  He took off again, but we didn't think he went that far, so we backed out till morning.  It was a sleepless night and we took off opening morning of Missouri Firearms season to track one tough buck!  We started from where he had bedded and got on good blood and found the arrow.  I looked down toward the bottom of the ridge and there he was.  It was my first buck kill of the year and my biggest bow buck...yet! " Who needs Gun season"   

Good hunting