November 14: Jacob Eugster

This is an exciting year for me. My son Jacob is now twelve and ready to legally start bow hunting in Wisconsin. He got his new X Force SS bow this spring and practiced a lot. Jacob even entered a tournament and did great.

We had found some nice shed antlers and been getting some great Reconyx pictures, so we were excited for Jacob’s first bow hunt.

On Jacob’s first bow hunt he passed up a buck, he had his mind set on getting one of the big ones. On Jacob’s second hunt, we set up in a ground blind and had a buck we called the “Steer Buck” come by. He was just a little out of range for Jacob.

Early November was slow for us, too much standing corn, hot weather, and a full moon to boot!

One evening on my way in hunting I spotted a
huge buck on a fence line bordered by two corn fields. It finally dawned on me where this buck was hanging out.

The next day I hung a set of Big Game Tree Stands, and that afternoon Jacob and I went in. The wind was blowing pretty hard and I was having trouble communicating with Jacob. I had Jacob hold on to a sting so I could pull it to get his attention. Five minutes later I had to pull the string. The Steer Buck was coming in.

Jacob’s patience in waiting for a mature buck was about to pay off. The Steer Buck was about to step into the pines in the fence line when I stopped it with a bleat. The buck was at a pretty tight quartering away angle, but Jacob slipped one in near perfect. Jacob’s reaction was great and we went home and reviewed the footage and decided to wait until morning.

The Rage did its job and the Steer Buck expired quickly. It was extra special at the recovery spot because Jacob’s mom was there to share in Jacob’s excitement. What and experience for both Jacob and myself.  The deer ended up scoring 146", but if it weren't for a broken G3 and G4 he would have scored over 150"!