November 14: Jerry Wilson

It seems like every November I find myself setting behind the computer writing a journal entry for my dad, Jerry Wilson. They say that shooting your age in golf is an amazing feat. I would say that what my dad has accomplished is in that incredible. Just to put it in perspective when I say incredible, over the last 5 years since turning age 72, my dad has taken a 174" with a bow, a 172" by gun, a 165" by gun, and a 181 inch bow kill last season, wow.

This year I thought the run was over. Especially when my dad told me he was instructed by my mother that he was to bring no big bucks home because there was no more room on the wall. As the IL bow season went by he stuck to his word and was in farm management mode throughout the season. Last year dad did not join us for Missouri gun season, but this year he was ready to hunt again in the state that he had lived his whole life.

Last year we had a deer on our MO farm that we called stickers. He was a main frame 8 point that had huge stickers coming out of his base on the right side. We found his shed's this spring and the old giant scored in the 180's as a main frame 8 point. Well, flash forward and the Reconyx trail camera pics start rolling in. The buck had lost some of his non-typical points but was still a giant. I put my name on him starting in September. We have multiple pictures of the giant frequenting a bean field. I set up and ground blind overlooking the field and I vowed to live in that blind over gun season.

Well, after setting the field all day on day one and half the day on day two and seeing only a couple of deer when action was taking place elsewhere I couldn't take it any more. The impatience of youth I guess, I had to move. Dads first three hunts were great with multiple buck encounters and all kinds of action. I told him he was welcome to go set the bean field but that it was dead in that area. The only reason to go there was that one in a million chance that stickers could walk out. A said he did not care, he would go sit the bean field,

At 2PM he headed out. Well the rest is history, at 4 o'clock dad looked to his right and in his words the cedar trees parted like King Kong was walking through. Stickers entered the field trailing a doe. Dads first shot ripped through the buck high. The giant did not care, he was in love and even though he had just been shot he was not leaving his doe. Dad reloaded his TC Encore 270. Stickers does not know how lucky he was that the first shot was high, dad does not miss, but he should not have stayed in the field. Dad pulled the trigger for the second time and Sticker dropped in his tracks. A good friend of mine Tom Meyer filmed the hunt and he said he did not realize how big the deer was until they were walking over to it in knee high beans and the bucks rack was visible from across the field sticking high above the beans.

When I got back to camp I could not believe the news. We taped the old Missouri giant and he scored 178 and change. What can I say, congratulations dad, the incredible run continues. I hope it never ends!

(P.S. I will talk to mom for you about the wall. I'm sure I can soften her up.)