This hunt all started when Terry Drury donated a hunt on his farm to a benefit for the late Kevin Bahr...a close friend and an employee for Terry's construction company.  I ended up being the lucky recipient who bought the hunt. I asked Terry when I should come up to his farm, and he told me he would let me know when the bucks were starting to move. The weeks flew by…

Finally, after much anticipation, I received the call I had been waiting for. It was late October and Terry informed me that the bucks were on the prowl and that I need to get to his farm ASAP! Luckily, my employer was very gracious and flexible concerning my involvement in this special hunt, and had allowed me to hunt until I tagged out.

Well, the last week of October on Terry’s northern Missouri farm was fabulous! After four days of hunting I saw tons of deer and had opportunities at several nice bucks, including a buck named Big Spindly (Terry killed Big Spindly a few days after I left). I chose to adhere to the management program on his farm and vowed to only kill a mature animal. After the fourth day, I had to leave due to lack of a camera man to film me while I hunted (every hunt must be filmed on Terry’s farm). I was not too disappointed however, because Terry told me I could come back during rifle season.

On November 17, I made the trek back up to Terry’s farm. The creeks were flooded and the rain kept pounding away on the windshield of my truck as I drove north, but I was not too discouraged because I knew the rut was in full swing, and this time I had a firearm! We stayed up late that Tuesday night talking about the different bucks running around on his farm, and which ones had been sighted where, and so on. There was one buck that always came up in the conversation named the Short G1 Buck. Terry had tons of Reconyx pics of this buck and he had him pinned down to a rather small area.

With that buck and the rain in mind, we chose to hunt a new box blind that Terry had erected in the timber. It sat on top of a ridge that Terry had suspected the buck was using. The best part was that we would be out of the inclement weather, so as not to ruin the camera equipment.

Well, daybreak found myself and camera man Aaron Bennett snuggled inside our box while the rain pattered on the tin roof of the blind. Just as it was getting light enough to film, Aaron looked over and spotted none other then the Short G1 Buck...standing 30 yards away! After a brief moment of panic and confusion on both parties, I squeezed off a shot and made a solid connection! He tore off through the timber, but collapsed after 70 yards!

This buck was a mature brute, and had a high ranking on Terry’s hit list. In fact, Terry sounded quite confident the night before that we would get a crack at him!

We were able to get it done, even after five straight days of cold rain, wind, and low pressure!  -DJ