November 18: Steve "Coon Dog" Coon

How can the best big buck movement that you have ever seen in the deer woods come to such an end after seven days. Well it did, after Joe was able to harvest his bow kill on Nov 5th I was up to bat and we both thought that it would not take long to get the job done. Well guess who didn’t read the script, you got it, all the stars decided to leave the woods and when they did, they did! It was like every big buck had packed up and left the great state of Illinois. Now were talking Pike County boys, the deer capital of the world and they were no where to be found!

So after getting our tails whipped for seven straight days in Illinois.  We were off to the great State of Missouri for its firearm season where Joe was able to harvest a mature whitetail on opening morning. But as Joe got behind the camera and I grabbed the TC guess what happen...well if you were in Missouri you know, it decided to rain, not just a little but a lot and I mean a lot. So we checked the weather and we decided to head back to Illinois to try our luck since the weather channel gave Illinois a less chance of rain then Missouri.

We arrived back in Illinois on Nov 16th all geared up to start hunting on the 17th, but guess what, you know it rain. So question...how much schooling does it take to predict weather??? We all know don’t we! Anyway the a.m. hunt was a wash, but we were able to set a blind in the p.m. and as luck would have it a nice mature doe bit the dust.

The 18th came and you guessed it...rain! No a.m. hunt, but the p.m. hunt brought great deer movement and the Dog ------ one! You know how it is I saw some horns, got a little excited and you know I don’t have to explain any further.

So the 19th came.......yes you know the answer.... Rain!  Again had to wait until p.m. before we could hunt. So as luck would have it, it was fourth quarter and we needed a miracle and the boys found one. A mature 41/2 year old 8 pt. decided to get into the game.  The worst part... he stepped out into the field close to three hundred yards away, but since we sat the same blind the two previous nights due to rain we knew that he should make it to us before dark and that he did.

Man I could not have been more excited about putting that deer on the ground, I was shooting the PSE Super Short GX and what a perfect bow for a blind and when the Rage found its mark...the game was over with one less player!

Now tomorrow brings us a new game, Illinois gun season. So we hang up the bows and Joe grabs his Pro Hunter and I grab my Omega. Now let’s see what players get knocked out of tomorrow’s game.