Well with Coon Dog finally closing the deal with a nice 4 1/2 year old 8 pt. with only 45 minutes of light left it was time to changes gears and lay down the PSE'S and pick up the
ole Thompson Centers ! After checking the weather on the web it was time to come up with a plan for opening day of the season.

After taking everything into consideration I decided to
hunt a Biologic food plot that Coon Dog and I had put out in September with a mixture of Outfitters Blend and Green Patch Plus. The deer had been keeping it ate down and the wind was right for this blind.

When we got up for the morning hunt the sky was clear and
the temps had dropped and I had to even scrape the
windshield of my truck before we could drive to the blind. With a heavy frost on the ground I told Coon Dog we would have a wait this morning for the sun to come up and melt off the frost from the Biologic food plot before we would be seeing any coming in to eat. The wait was a pleasant one as we watched the world wake up that morning. We listened to the birds and the turkeys wake up. We heard some tree calling and even watched a bird fly from one roost tree to another.

As we where setting in the blind Coon Dog said here comes
the sun cresting over the hill. I knew then it should not be long before we started seeing deer movement. As the sun finally made it to the food plot we watched as the frost slowly disappeared. Then Coon Dog said buck coming across the field ! As he got the camera ready to film I reached for my Thompson Center Pro Hunter and my shooting stick ! As soon as I made eye contact with the buck I knew he was a shooter. As he walked down the food plot I settled in on the bucks shoulder with the crosshairs of my Nikon scope I waited for Coon Dog to give me the green light to take the shot. When he did I did not waste any time. I stopped the buck and squeezed the trigger and the smoke rolled. As the book left the field it was a cool site to see the smoke hovering over the ground and slowly moving like a fog.

As we left the blind to go over and look for signs of a
hit it did not take long to find bright red blood against
the green of the food plot. Once again I knew the Thompson Center had not let me down. As we left the food plot to enter the timber just laying about 40 yards into the woods laid my beautiful high and heavy horned buck !

In the deer woods everything does not always go as planned but this hunt did, and it is the greatest thing in the world when you have a plan and it all falls into place and comes together !!!!!!!!