November 19: Steve "Coon Dog" Coon

Wow we are on a roll now, opening day of gun season found us in a ground blind over looking a Bio-Logic food plot that Joe and I planted in September. Joe was up to bat and I was behind the camera. We did not have to wait long when Joe put the smack down on a thick beamed 11 pointer that barely made it out of the field. Joe told me that his Pro Hunter was on the money and after seeing the shot that he put on that old buck, I’d say it’s true!

Well guess whose turn it is now....MEEEEE and I could not wait because after three nights of sitting over a standing bean field Joe and I saw numerous bucks that would make a grown man cry.

I hope everyone is sitting down...it’s NOT raining so we were able to climb a tree and what a special tree it is. It’s a set we named "TD’s old set" because it’s a set that Terry Drury had hung a few years back. I would give you the exact number of years, but it might just tell Terry’s age and we all know how young "Old Man Winter" is.

Anyway, the tree has a lot of memories...this particular tree is the first time that I had a camera in hand and I was able to film Terry kill his Halloween Buck and yes I got just as excited back then as I do today.

As luck would have the first deer out was a pretty 2 year old, then came a few does with a deer we call the Pretty Ten. As time went on a player made its presence. In the timber we both sat and watched as a deer that we call the bladed G-2 buck worked a scrape and a licking branch inside the timber. The buck would not step out, but when the two does that he had with him finally stepped into the field...he decided to follow.

Man we could not have been happier that he stepped out because camera light was going quick!  That was his biggest mistake of the night because Dog was in a tree with his Thompson Center Omega and at 113 yards Dog put a perfect heart shot on the deer! (Take That Mark, Just One Shot).

So a lesson could be learned here on this hunt guys...don’t follow the girls everywhere they go...it could be bad for you just ask the Bladed G-2 Buck. Oh yea he won’t be able to answer dead deer tell no tails.