I have never been skunked so many times in a long time! Its been a hard season for me. Early November and standing corn everywhere, warm temperatures, and a full moon to boot.

Finally my son Jacob was able to get his first deer with a bow at twelve, a beautiful 146 inch buck!

Things were starting to get better, new moon, cooler temperatures, and corn fields were getting combined. On the morning of November 20th things really came together. Eric and I were hunting in a CWD area that remains open right until the end of our Bow Hunting Season.....and we were sitting in the Big Oak and things were moving. The first deer by was the Velvet Buck at seven years old, not much of a rack this year, I think he froze it completely off last winter and what he grew back wasn’t to impressive. My son Jacob missed him last year and really wants to get him. Right behind him was a 140 inch ten point that I passed.

I really had my mind set on a huge 8-pointer, I had passed last year bow hunting (the biggest buck I’ve ever passed). The Reconyx pictures told me he was in the area so I was holding out for him.

Another nice three-year-old came by, things were looking good! I spotted a lone big doe that kept looking over her shoulder. She came by the edge of the corn and I ranged her at 42 yards. If the big 8 showed up on her trail I would be ready.

About a full 15 minutes later sure enough there he was, coming the same way the doe had come! I bleated and stopped him at 42 yards and sent a Rage on its way. This buck definitely did not have ground shrinkage! With 21 1/8 inches on the inside spread, and 12 inch G2s and great mass, he was even bigger than I had hoped!