November 20: Julie Lucas

“Julies First Buck”
(Julie Propst Lucas) by Jeff Propst

As many loyal Drury Outdoors fans know, my son Chris and I have been hunting and filming together for many years, my daughter Julie has always been a very avid turkey hunter, and the last few years she has taken an interest in deer hunting. The last couple years I have been trying to get her an opportunity at a nice buck, and our downfall has been just a lack of time to hunt with her, with her schedule and mine never seeming to work out, between work and family commitments we have hunted together, just not enough.

Earlier this year, good friend and fellow Drury team member Tom Ware called me and asked me if myself or Chris would like to come over and hunt the first gun season, I asked him if it would be ok to bring my daughter Julie, and he graciously told me to get her a tag applied for and come on over to Illinois!

Julie drew a tag and the hunt was set, she drew first season gun tag for famed Pike county, and we were excited, this was our very first out of state deer hunt together, I just couldn’t wait to take her hunting. We arrived at Toms camp the night before the season, and got everything situated for the morning hunt, Julie and I were like kids the night before Christmas, I was wanting her to kill a big buck in the worse way and she was so excited for the morning to come.

The first morning of the hunt broke with thick fog, and very little deer movement, we saw a few does, but the activity was slow. The first afternoon was not much better for deer movement, we were set up in a blind in a very secluded corn field, it looked awesome, and to my surprise, we did not see a buck, just 5 or 6 does and fawns. I was confident we would see a good shooter, and the next morning did not let us down.

The second day of the season broke with overcast skies, Tom had taken us to a new farm, and we were setup along a draw that had corn and beans on either side, it looked great, it was a classic farm country setup and I was confident we would see a big buck cruising this area. About 7:15 am I spotted a year and half old buck heading towards us, he walked past us and headed towards another block of timber, just before he hit the other timber, he stopped and stared into the woods, and Julie whispered to me, ‘’ he is really staring into the woods, must be another deer in there’’ shortly after she said that I heard her whisper, Dad there is another buck, I looked at the buck thru my bino’s and I told Julie that’s a shooter!

The buck came out of the timber and starting angling towards us, I got the camera rolling and got Julie into position, when the buck got into the open I asked her if she was on him, and she told me yes, I stopped the buck with a grunt and Julie shot. The buck ran up the hill out of the bottom, I thought she had missed him, he ran across a cut bean field, and stopped and started wobbling, and I told Julie you got him honey, he’s going down! The buck tipped over shortly after that and the celebration was on! What a great first buck, he had a main 10 pt frame with a 1 5/8 sticker point off of his base and grossed scored 150"!

I was so proud of my daughter, she had made a great shot and the buck went less than 100yds, and our hunt was complete. Julie and I can’t thank Tom Ware enough for having us over to his property to hunt, we had an awesome time, and the memories from this hunt will last us forever!

Now it’s on to late season, I am ready for some cold weather and standing grain! Good luck to everyone the rest of the season.