Zach and I have hunted hard all fall. It was our plan during the November Missouri rifle season to pass everything except really nice deer. We were wanting at least one of us to have a tag when the December muzzleloading season arrived. We passed numerous good deer including one we had named”Grandpa”.He got his name because he couldn't keep up with his JOB of chasing the hot doe and he was old. We filmed him several times this fall in the Biologic Maximum.

My oldest daughter Tanya, Zach's mother, has hunted with me since she was in high school. She hunted with me opening afternoon this year, passing a really nice 2 ½ year old eight pointer we have named the “Lucky Eight”. He is pushing 130 and Zach had numerous opportunities to take him this fall . We put him “off limits” and he has made it through rifle season. We had two deer in mind for Tanya; “Grandpa” or a huge eight pointer that has been on the farm for years named “Thumper”.

Tanya got off work early on Friday, Nov. 20th and we went hunting. My wife Vicky picked Zach up after school and brought him to the hunting farm. He was to man a two way radio and bring the Polaris and trailer down to haul out his mother's deer if we were successful. We didn't know he was behind us with the Nikon binoculars viewing the same Biologic Maximum field we were in. We couldn't see out the back of the new shooting house.

The deer started to pour into the Maximum at about 3:30. I was starting to think we were not going to see a shooter when a doe ran into the field with”Grandpa” right behind her. Tanya got ready and put a good shot on him with our TC Encore 308. I lost the deer on the camera shortly after the shot. I knew he was hit, but couldn't see where he exited the field. I called Zach on the radio to tell him she had hit a deer. He said he thought he saw him go down in the Maximum. After some tense moments of looking through the Nikon binoculars, I saw him piled up in the Maximum.

This was Tanya's second nice buck in as many years in the same Maximum field. Zach and I can't wait until the Missouri December Muzzleloading season. The Maximum should be really sweet by then and hopefully a couple more nice North Missouri bucks will come to have dinner with us.

Good Hunting