November 20: Larry Steward

"The Demolition of a buck called "High Tower"

    Well, with all the luck being on my side this year Dad has not been able to pull the trigger on the Tru Fire release yet. So heading into our firearms season I told him I would film him until he let the smoke out of the T/C! Again, he wasn't feeling so lucky with record high temps in the afternoons and dense fog of the morning. At the end of day one the score was deer 1 and Team Steward 0. 

    We then awoke to Day 2 and had some of the thickest for i have ever hunted in! We were literally limited to a 35 yard shot do to the loss of visibility, and when you are carrying a gun you have confidence in out to the 200 yard mark, it left a sour taste in our mouths. The only deer we saw all morning was a 1 1/2 old 6 pt.

    We knew we were in a great area though so we weren't going to throw in the towel. We knew they had to get up and move sometime. That afternoon Dad wanted to go to the Big Game FreeStyle Box Blind and sit. It overlooks a cut corn field on one side and Biologic Perfect Plot on the other side(Same field we killed "Skinny Ten" in). We knew that if does would come to feed they might drag along their stalkers with them.

   With the super warm temps we were enjoying the day and basking in the sun. But it all got serious when the first doe stepped out. She was acting squirrelly and we knew something was about to pop out. Sure enough a nice 2 1/2 old 125"ish 8 pt was in love and not leaving her alone. Dad was really contemplating shooting the deer, but we both knew it wasn't the right thing to do. After a short game of chasing the 8 pt stopped and put a poker stare back into the timber. Seeing him stand like a statue we had the feeling there was another player in the game. Then there he was, a buck we and buddies (Max and Brian) had gotten several Reconyx pics of throughout the summer, a very tall tined buck with beams that nearly touch in the front. A buck we named "High Tower"! We didn't waste anytime knowing this might be the only shooter buck we see all gun season. Dad cocked back the Pro Hunter and...POOOOOFFFFF. I was blinded by the smoke, but I heard dad holler..."He's Down, Dropped Him!" After a quick reload, he put a finishing shot on the buck to finish the Demolition of "High Tower!" 

   It was a freak of a deer. He scored in at only 13" wide and had main beams that were 5/8" from touching in the front. And High Tower was true to his name, supporting 13 1/4" G2s and 12"G3s.  He finished taping out at 143" with a broken brow on the left. Come to find out the same buddies Max/Brian had filmed High Tower a couple of weeks earlier in the Biologic plot trying to fight with other bucks. It has been another great chapter closed on another great deer.

   There is still plenty of time for some more stories, so we are back to the stands living life 25 feet high!