November 20: Adam Comstock

Wow, that’s how it begins, I missed another big deer. I was without a camera man so I went out and tried to film myself. If you think putting down a kill with a hunter and a camera man is tuff try it by yourself.

Needless to say I was pretty down, I missed the Big 160 and now I missed an awesome deer with my TC. I felt like the pressure was building so I needed a brake. I thought that I would give my cousin a chance at one of my big deer that I had running around on the farm. I figured maybe if I changed it up a little bit we could get one on the ground.

So the second Saturday of the Missouri gun season found me behind the camera and Adam with the TC. Well it didn’t take long just after day light broke Adam had a shooter in front of him. Needless to say I had to call him off, the lighting was not right it was just to dark. I thought man please don’t let my bad luck follow me today.

One thing Adam did learn is that to grow big deer you have to let the small ones walk, so after we had three great encounters on some awesome bucks we were deciding if we should climb down or stick it out and man did we make the right decision, because it wasn’t long and we had a doe come screaming out into the beans and guess who was behind her, it was my Big 160 that I lost the first fight with!

So now let the fight begin, but now we sit with the TC in are hands. Just as Adam was getting ready to put the old man on the ground with a knock out punch, his girlfriend decided to take him back into the timber and man did my heart sink. I thought to myself please not again, how you can have two encounters on the same buck and not put him down, but just as the thought was leaving my mind the doe ran back into the field and I told Adam to get ready because I knew that he would not be far behind.

As Adam was getting ready, the Big 160 stepped out at 130 yards and Adam was able to put the giant on the ground with the Thompson Center. This would be Adams biggest deer to date and he would like to thank Chris for the great opportunity.

This just goes to show you here at Drury we are not just another Team We Are A Family!!!!