November 9: Chris Comstock

Wouldn’t you know it, early November brought warm temperatures and I had a big deer on my hit list and it was a deer I named the Big 160! I had so many Reconyx photos of that deer it was driving me mad when the warm weather hit.

I was pretty sure where I needed to hunt, but with the weather being warm I knew I had to move off the standing beans and hunt a green field. So that evening, I found myself sitting over one of my Bio-Logic food plots that consisted of Maximum and Trophy Oats.

Since the food plot was next to a bedding area, I decided to give a series of calls on the Mad Buck Growl to get things rolling and boy howdy did it work. The deer that I a least expected shown up on a mission. He came out in the field looking to whip somebody, little did he know the fight he was about to get into was a PSE Bow.

As the deer fast approached I drew back the bow and as luck would have it my cam hit a limb which kept me from releasing the arrow. So with pressure building, I had to let down the bow and draw again. This time I was somewhat turn around in the tree but I still had him in my sights, but when I released I missed him. I could not believe I just missed the deer that I wanted so badly.

As my dream deer walked away back into the thicket, it was time to get aggressive so I grabbed the horns in attempt to draw the deer back out, but as luck would have it he failed to return.

I was not going to give up so easily so I rattled again and guess what stepped out, no not the 160 but another buck and did he put on a show. After he scent checked a doe that had made her presence in the field he walked over to the edge and worked a scrape. I then gave two soft grunts and he couldn’t resist, he came like he was on a string. When he finally gave me a perfect 18 yard shot, I took the shot and the Rage found its mark and I watched as the deer bit the dust just as he left the field.

So even though I failed on the Big 160 I still connected on a awesome buck that gave me hunt that I will remember for along time and who knows I just might meet the Big 160 down the road and just maybe I might win the next fight!!!!!