December 5: Doug Hampton

Return to Hadley

This story begins with our first trip ever to Hadley Creek Outfitters for our Dream Season TV Celebrity Hunt, and what an awsome experience! Even though Team Hart was not able to connect on a buck over 140 we passed several just under the minimum and JW put the smack down on a doe to help out their management program.

Fast forward six weeks and several thousand miles of travel to the second firearms season. This hunt doesn't get started on such a good note with me harvesting my fourth buck of the year with the front of my Ford truck, which delayed our arrival by several hours. So after 1 1/2 hours of sleep our guide Mike Coonrod woke us up for our first day of hunting of four. Not much sleep but what more could you ask for, 20 degrees and snow flurries, so off we went to a box blind on a cut corn field to spend the next 11 hours. In between filming Doug sleeping on the floor we did see a lot of bucks but no shooters. Day 2 and 3 alot of the same, lots of deer but no shooters. Day 4 same program Coonrod wakes us up, and off to the stand, BUT WHAT? new plan of attack we are going to the deep timber between a crp field and the cut corn, you know the old saying "don't guide the guide" I thought Coonrod had lost his mind. But as it was getting light I could see why he had put us in this transition area, rubs, scraps, trails, deer sign everywhere!! So one hour into our set those magic words were uttered again, "Shooter Coming."  After a few tense moments with me not being able to find the deer in the thick cover he finally moved and I was able to spot him, zoom in, crack focus, roll some pre roll and give SHORT STACK the green light! What an ending to an awesome experience that Hadley Creeek Outfitters.

Dougs deer is a typical 6 X 5 with 3 stickers had it not been for a broken G4 on his right side he would of grossed in the mid 140's.

PS: Special thanks goes out to all the staff at Hadley Creek Outfitters and the owners Stacy and Michelle.


Thanks Team Hart