Well it is now time for the last and best hunt of the year! It is time for my son Evan and my annual father son hunt in Il. . It always falls on the muzzleloader hunt because Evan is always out of school for Christmas break by this time. We both had been looking forward to it. We spoke everyday when Coon Dog, Pam and I were at the farm and he would want to know what we were seeing and what we were killing.

Now with his final exams out of the way and a cold front coming through he was pumped and ready to go. We had a nice nine and a half hour ride up to the farm and got to catch up on a lot of things on the drive. With his school and job and the way I work the amount of quality time we get to share any more is just not enough. That is why we both look forward to this trip every year.

When we got everything unloaded it was time to check the weather and wind direction for the next morning to come up with a plan on were to hunt opening day. Now with a plan in place we were going to the blind that I was fortunate enough to take my buck out of the first season. As daylight broke it was 16 degrees with a wind chill factor of 2 degrees. As the sun came up and we sat the blind for 4 hours we did not see a single deer. That my friend was a long set!

The wind changed during the day to SW and we were headed to the quad pod were Pam had taken her buck and doe on the previous gun hunt. On our way to the blind there were deer already in the wheat field, so we had to slowly make our way to the blind and try to get into the blind without blowing the field. As we got settled into the blind and got set up there were more deer filtering their way into the field. Small bucks and doe were all that were out at the time but we knew as the sun started to set we should see more deer in the field. As Evan was watching the deer from the west of the blind I spotted a nice 8 pt. coming our way from the east. As I got Evan's attention he raised his Nikon binoculars for a better look at the buck. He said that he looked good to him and that he was going to take him! As we got squared around in the blind for him to take the shot I was filming the buck. When Evan asked if I was on him I said yes, then he said I am going to take him! As the buck raised his head and turned broadside he let the Thompson Center Omega roll! It was a good shot and I stayed on the buck with the camera until he fell. Never making it out of the field.

As we were doing his cut-a-ways we seen some doe coming back out in the field from the west. I told Evan, lets reload and maybe they will feed there way to us before dark and you can fill your doe tag as well. After about a half hour wait 4 deer made there way to us and he picked out the biggest doe. As I got the camera on the doe and told Evan I was on her he let the Omega roll one more time! As always it had found it mark and the doe never made it out of the field.

Now that the fun was over it was time for the work to begin. As he tagged both deer and got them back to the house and took the pictures for the website it had been a long day. I am proud of Evan and totally enjoyed the trip and the hunt, but as always a little sad because I knew the quality time we get share was over once again.

It is a sad thing that your kids grow up and start there on lives and the time we get to spend with them slowly slips away, but I am so glad I got Evan into hunting at an early age and it has stuck with him because he looks forward to this hunt as much as I do and it is something we will do for as long as I live.

So get your kids into the outdoors with you and spend as much time with them as you can. You will enjoy every minute of it and it will give you so many memories that you will never forget!!!!!!!