The Wide Nine

When we planted our fall food plots in Biologic Maximum we had a plan; December muzzle load season. 2009 was Missouri's first year for a late muzzle load season. We knew that the deer would be running on their stomachs this late in the year.

Last summer we built a new elevated shooting house. This shooting house overlooked about five acres of Biologic Clover Plus and Maximum. The field still looks good even though the deer have been feeding on it since mid August.

December 19th, opening day of the Missouri muzzle load season put us in our new shooting house. At first light we had a 7 x 4 come in that was on our “Hit List”. It was in the field about 15 minutes with another buck, but we didn't have camera light. He left the field and never came back. Later we had some nice bucks come in. The “Lucky 8”, another nice 3 ½ year old 8 point, and the “Wide 9”. The “Wide 9” was one of the deer we had decided to take but he never gave us an opportunity on opening day. Sunday, the second day, the coyotes gave us fits. We saw five in all. I killed one but it happened so fast we couldn't get it on film. We took off all day Monday and Tuesday morning to let the deer calm down.

Tuesday Grandpa picked me up about noon. This would be our last hunt until after X-Mas. We had a front coming in so we thought the deer would move. We had only been in the shooting house a few minutes when the deer started coming to the Biologic Maximum. We had about 20 deer in the field when some gobblers flew in and cleared it. It took about 30 minutes before the deer started coming back. When they did, a nice “young” 10 point came in. He reminded us of a young Thriller; we let him walk. At 4:45 the “Wide 9” came in with another nice 3 ½ year old 8 point. I recognized him looking through the Nikon binoculars. He was at 80 yards eating Biologic Maximum when I shot him with my TC Triumph. The buck mule kicked and took off. He got across the creek and he stopped. His back legs were shaking and then I lost him. The camera caught the buck going down, but we couldn't see it. About that time the “Wide 9” went down, the 3 ½ year old came back into the field. As soon as he hit the field I knew it wasn't the buck I had shot. So we got down and went to where we last saw him and there his was! We had stayed in the shooting house for 30 minutes watching the wrong deer!! The TC had done it's job and our plan had come together. That put a wrap on my Missouri deer season, but grandpa still has a tag and you can bet we will be right back in the Biologic Maximum after Christmas!!

Happy Holidays and Good Luck.