Taylor Harvested the Doe on December 31st and the Buck on January 2nd

Christmas Time

After 30 days in the woods with my dad, we both hoped I would fill my tags sometime soon! This deer season was the toughest yet because every time I hunted something went wrong! Usually the hot weather would always hit when I went up to hunt, it never failed. So my Christmas break comes and I said I was going to hunt hard until I had something down on the ground. There was about a foot of snow on the ground and a temperature from 0 to 10 degrees. We just knew the deer would be moving in this kind of brutal weather! Bow season was open and then the second Missouri Youth Season opened up January 2nd and 3rd, I knew I was back in the game!

December 31
- With the PSE Chaos in hand first we set up a ground blind on a fresh cut corn field and I was hoping to at least kill a doe to break the ice! That night the movement was very slow and my dad said he was fine with me shooting the next doe that came out. The next thing you know I look to my left and there stands a doe at about 20 yards! I instantly got nervous trying to control myself since hunting with a bow is a lot more difficult than using a gun. She walked into 18 yards standing broadside and gave me a great shot! After she ran I could see my arrow covered in blood so I knew I made a good shot on her. We went back to our house to review the footage and we saw that it was a liver shot deer so we chose to wait to track her until morning. Bright and early the next morning we tracked good blood for about 150 yards and there she was! I was so excited because this kill basically started my season (:

January 2
– I bow hunted January 1st and no luck so the next day I had my custom pink TC .223 in my possession. We went to one of our favorite box blinds and within 30 minutes we had already seen about 25 deer! The bucks and does were piling out so any minute we were hoping a mature buck would walk out! Sure enough here comes a 4 year old low 140’s buck and the nerves started to kick in. Our wind was a little shifty so my dad had me wait to open the window until the deer was broadside. He finally turned broadside so I got the window open and my gun up in no time, I was so excited. I made the shot at about 100 yards and heard my dad say, “Reload, reload, reload!” My first shot was a little high so I made 3 follow-up shots and he finally was down for good! I must say the panic buttons were pushed but overall it was a great hunt and I am so pleased with ending the season with a doe with my bow and a buck with my rifle.