Late muzzle loader season in Iowa is one of most favorite times of the year. It’s a time, if you have food and can stand the cold, you can get a pretty good idea of which of your bucks made it through the year and most likely can get a chance at a good one. Well first things first when the season opened was to get my daughter a buck and just in time to start the New Year off she killed the monarch we call “Big Mac”.

I still had a bow tag still in my pocket and with time ticking away fast I may have to put it around a different set of horns than the one I had hoped. Setting on a cornfield in minus degree weather in early January with a muzzleloader is one thing, take that away and put a bow in your hand and you got to be lucky. Lady luck wasn’t on my side in November, had some great encounters but with a couple different twists of fate, I wouldn’t still have this bow tag!

On Jan 2nd, we headed to a box blind we built this year just for this situation, a NW wind on the edge of a small cornfield. Now all we needed was one of our mature bucks to stroll by within PSE range. Well one of the first bucks to come in the field was Spaceboy, a 6.5 year old 8 pt who loved getting his picture taken all summer with our Reconyx cameras. He came by at 20 yards but we couldn’t get the camera and the bow working together at the same time, so we passed him.

The next day just like he had done the day before, he came within range eating corn and I shot right under him, at this point I am thinking I will be eating a bow tag sandwich. On the 4th, we went back to the same blind thinking there is no way that this buck was going to give us a 3rd chance. Well I was wrong, Spaceboy must have really liked this cornfield, because he came right to our blind and the 3 blade Rage chewed him up. I couldn’t believe it, after a rough bow season, luck was on my side this night. Spaceboy had tapped out and its a sweet feeling wrapping a tag around a mature buck with just 6 days left in the season!

His body and neck were huge, and both of my bow tags this year went on old mature bullies that I was happy to harvest. This was the end to another buck that lived on our farm that we got to watch grow into a fully mature buck that we all got to enjoy chasing. Guess I was lucky this night but am truly blessed to live in this great country and get to spend time hunting the greatest animals in the whole world.- David