December 28: John Williams

Wearing Us Out!

Zach was out of town, so I ask Chris Comstock to film me a couple of days. December 28th the weather was perfect and the food plots were being hit hard. We hunted behind my house in the new native grass area that was planted this past spring. We had only been there about an hour when three bucks showed up including a nice 8 point. After some careful looking, we determined he needed another year, so we passed him. We also saw turkeys, quail and several anterless deer. Even though we didn't kill anything, the hunt was very successful. We saw lots of wildlife. We could have killed, but didn't (looking forward to next year).

December 29th we returned to my hunting farm. This is the area where Zach and I do most of our hunting. It was shortly after noon when we got to our new shooting house. We had 20 or so deer in the field when we got there. This area is planted in Biologic Maximum. The deer are mauling it. We had only been in the shooting house an hour or so when the deer started coming back to the field. We had 40 or so deer in the Maximum by 3:30 (including 7 or 8 nice bucks, but not shooters).

This is when things started to get interesting. I had noticed a large number of crows in the Maximum about about 80 yards in front of us. I was wondering what they were doing but sort of forget about them. About this same time the deer cleared the field. I told Chris to get ready. The coyotes had been “wearing us out” all fall. Usually when the field clears you have coyotes close. It wasn't long before I spotted a coyote coming across the creek.. We shifted gears and turned the last day of muzzle load deer season into a predator hunt.

The coyote came into the field and went to the area where the crows had been earlier. I saw him pick up a small deer by the head. The coyotes had killed a yearling there earlier and he had returned to feed on it. I would have rather had the TC 223 but had the TC 50 cal muzzlerloader. When I was sure Chris was on the coyote, I let the TC rip. I hit the coyote a little far back. I wasn't sure I had hit him, but Chris assured me I had. He ran out of the field and across the creek. The TC 50 cal had given him a very bad day.

This is the first time I have ever seen proof that the coyotes had killed a deer. For what ever reason the coyotes have been “wearing us out” this fall. Zach and I have each killed two. I am not a predator hunter, but I am going to start trying to become one. This coyote ruined my last day of muzzle load deer hunting, but the TC 50 cal and I ruined all of his days forever.