If you would have asked me three days ago if I was going to watch a turkey drop this season, I would have told you with all certainty, "Not a chance!" And I would have laughed at the thought of killing one on video. But isn't that what makes life so interesting?...

I work construction, and I believe if there were eight days in a week, we would probably be expected to work all eight of them including holidays. So when I found out that not only would we be off Sunday to celebrate Easter, but Saturday as well, I knew that the chances for a gobbler had just gone up!

Arkansas has cut the season down to just over two weeks for hunters to bag their bird, and with good reason. In southeast Arkansas the turkey population has been on a steady decline for quite a few years now, due to a variety of variables. To put it mildly, we just don't have many turkeys. To hear a Turkey gobble period is considered a good hunt. Arkansas also has a youth season which allows kids age under 16 to have the first opportunity to harvest a bird. This weekend just happened to be the two-day youth season in the zone where I hunt. My son Coltin turned 14 just six days ago and wanted to take full advantage of a limited opportunity.

A thunderstorm roared through Arkansas late Friday night, but when I stepped out of the house at 5 a.m. I could see the moon shining bright and there was not a breath of wind. We stopped by my good friend Ted Gray's house and picked him up for the morning's hunt. I would run the camera and sit with Colt while Ted would set up a good distance behind us and try to fool any prospective hang ups if the opportunity was presented. Little did I know, that the opportunity was quickly approaching!

Getting out of the truck, we patiently waited for the sky to begin to glow in the east. When the time was right, we let the owl out of the bag. Bam! Instantly we had a gobble about a half a mile to the west. Spilling my coffee from the shear excitement was the next order of business. We quickly gathered our gear and began our trek. It wasn't long before we were set up and waiting. And that's when I got a huge surprise! At the first set of soft tree yelps, we had 3 different birds in the area fired up! After fly-down, the birds went to the west. When we realized that they were not coming, we took up the chase. We crossed a raging creek on a bull pine that had fallen. We all managed to keep dry, "for now." We strained our eyes as we approached a huge clear-cut on the edge of the pine timber. Ted spotted a gobbler about 200 yards strutting. Ted held up there while Colt and I crawled the remaining 50 yards to set up on the edge of the cut-over. The gobbler had moved just over a small rise when I began to call. A few minutes later he appeared and was bringing a buddy with him. When Ted spotted the birds on their way, he picked up the calling. Undoubtedly the hen that topped the hill behind the duo was old news. They were not gonna let a hot hen just leave that easily. They slowly but surely were heading our way, gobbling hard at the purrs of their Casper-like sweetheart. At 30 yards I was giving Colt the okay, but a tree was blocking his shot. At 20 yards I felt like I was vibrating as the leader of the pack drummed while in full strut. And when they entered 15 yards I was starting to get concerned! At 12 steps, the Mossy Oak was being abused up against the single pine tree when Colt said, "I got him." Kaaaabooooom!!! At the shot, the winner of the race was invited to Easter dinner at the Hampton's house. We thank the good Lord for the day and the memories that were created...

Remember when I said that we managed to stay dry crossing the creek? Ted grabbed the camera and was recording yours truly as I joked about being a professional on the balance beam. I made it half way when I turned to see Coltin prematurely starting across the log that was definitely not made for two. I guess I startled him as I yelled to stop him from shaking my bridge, because the next thing I knew... Let's just say that he had a whole lot in common with a fish! We laughed really hard until we realized that he had just drenched his brand new birthday present. Well, no more mobile Facebook!