I haven’t been too lucky at Turkey hunting over the years, I don’t go a whole lot due to the fact you have to get up so early, it’s usually cold, no coffee, no breakfast and your in for a 3 mile walk and at least an hour of sitting still, very still. I prefer afternoon hunts much like deer hunting and have almost shot a couple of birds but something always seemed to go wrong.

Well today was going to be different, my Brother and Dad were in town and I had called Jeff over the weekend to see if he could take me out one morning in the week and he said he knew where some birds were that might make for a fun hunt. Well that was just enough to get me excited and make me want to actually get up early. He asked my Dad the night before to come sit with me and hopefully keep me calm, so now we were ready.

It started out a beautiful spring morning, the moon was full, stars were shining and I had the privilege of my Dad and Brother taking me turkey hunting. We drove the truck to the top of the field, got out and listened. The birds were gobbling all around us in every direction, it was almost, take your pick and let’s go after them. Now this was exciting.

Jeff wanted to set up in a field we call Deer Park and thought it would be the perfect spot just up from where a couple of the birds were gobbling, now all we needed is a turkey to come by – with my name on it ☺. We got to the field and set up, Dad put the decoy out and we waited for the birds to fly off roost. Jeff let out a few yelps and that was all it took. With a little flirting back and forth they were headed our way.

Thirty minutes later that rock I was sitting on was hurting! I turned my head to the right to make sure nothing was coming before I moved and no joke!…10 yards to my right were four jakes! I didn’t move! Next thing we knew Mr. Redhead was coming out of the woods headed towards the jakes and the decoy. He took his time coming in, I think the ole decoy had him scared! After he had walked past us Jeff yelped and gave me the kill signal but I had to wait until the jakes got out of the way, then BOOM my first turkey hit the ground. It all happened according to plan, and for once getting up so early wasn’t so bad ☺. – Jaclyn