With opening day of the Illinois turkey season finally here it was time to load the wagon and head up to the farm! On the way up Coon Dog and I spoke on the phone and put together a plan for the hunt. I was going to hit the ground running when I arrived at the farm putting out blinds and roosting birds for the next morning!

That evening I broke out the old coyote howler from
M.A.D. Calls and let it rip! As I did I got two gobbles
from two long beards before they went to bed. I called Coon Dog and let him know where they were and where we were going the next morning!!

Coon Dog had to work the night before and left work
early for a two hour drive to the farm! As he arrived we
both were ready to go! As we got our gear together and
went to the blind we where pumped and ready for the gobbling action to begin! As light started to break it was on! We were not disappointed at all. They were letting it rip all around us! It was some of the best gobbling action you could hear anywhere!

With daylight upon us and the birds on the ground the
gobbling continued. The first bird in was a jake that we had some fun with and made us laugh watching him. As he was looking at the new flocked King Strut decoy and the Shady Lady flocked hen decoy from Flambeau he knew not to come in to close. Then the second bird in was another jake. Just like the first he put on a show that made us laugh as well. We were having fun!

As the morning went on the gobbling slowed. After setting
there for a while Coon Dog said make a call and see if we
can at least get a courtesy gobble. I broke out the Cherry Bomb box call and bang! A bird sounded off to our left! Coon Dog looked out of the blinds partially unzipped window and said gobbler coming!

As we got ready and looked there was not one, not two but
three birds coming! As the birds came in and saw the decoys they where circling and Coon Dog asked if I could kill one and I said yes and I asked which one he was on! He gave me the green light to take him and I let the Thompson Center roar! As it did the bird hit the ground!

What a way to start your season with an opening day bird on the ground! Another bird for the Deadly Combination. With another bird on the ground and another great memory with a great friend it was time to call it a day. As all hunts go you hate to see it end but plans are already in the works for the next one!