Well if you read my dad, Larry's story. then you are up to speed and are getting ready to read chapter 2. Even with all the Reconyx pics of gobblers running wild on the farm we had another farm that has yet to be hunted so we have a decision to make. Do we hunt a farm that has so far been untouched and let our playground calm down, or do we go for it like "Tin Cup" and hunt the farm that has gobblers running rampid on it. Well, I figured this; We could go try to roost a bird on Farm #2 and if we could get spot- on a roosted gobbler we would try it, but if not we were back to the "scene of  the crime"

     Try as we could, I hooted until i was hoarse with no response. So, our decision was made...(really the decision was made when I saw all the Reconyx pics I was just trying to play fair!). However,  We were going to the first field we got skunked in 1st season. We decided to do this, because after Dad torched his, there was a gobbling fool in this field. But, to be able to hunt this field we were going to have to get there, "dark and early" not "bright and early." We were going to have to pack in a blind and chairs, and be able to construct our killing tent before light without spooking any of the turkeys  that had danced on this field the morning prior. 

    Believe it or not, it was working. We got our "Flocked" King Strut and "Flocked" Feather Flex hen out, and were waiting on the DJ to start the music so we could get this party started! And music it was! The morning erupted with us being surrounded by gobblers. But once again we were in the drivers seat. All the hens were residing in front of us, this left the two gobblers behind us all alone unless they came by us. They pitched down and strutted for a while before they realized they were being left out. I watched though a small slit out of the back of our blind as they made eye contact with the King and his lady friend. They broke and were shaking a leg our way...and quickly. I was having to give Dad play by play as he wasn't able to see out the back of the blind. As they rounded the bend and materialized in our shooting window Dad quickly got the camera on them and well, I did what I had to do....Boomshockalocka.

    It was a morning that made me happy to be a turkey hunter. With the warm glow of the morning sunrise, the gobbling was unreal, the weather was cool and calm without a cloud in the sky, song birds were singing and the smell of fresh earth as sweet as ever. As I walked out this morning I stopped and took a minute to just soak it up. All to often we take sunrises and magical mornings like this and turn them into a whirl wind. We took a moment to just take a deep breath, say thank you, and just live in the moment!

    Well, we've been bad students by not doing our homework and using the Reconyx as our cheat sheets, but we better start attending class because 4th season Kyle Lamore is coming down and we don't want to upset "the teacher!"  Check back on the journal and see if he expels one!