First Bow Turkey!

I don’t usually have a problem getting up to go turkey hunting but this year, I wasn’t looking forward to it as I just had a new baby 9 weeks ago and finally got him sleeping through the night in the past week. So, needless to say, I didn’t want to get up again, so Dave suggested that we make an evening hunt. Dave just got back from South Dakota himself and had only gotten 9 hours of sleep in 3 nights, so I think he was really into the afternoon thing too.

I lined up my parents to watch the new little one and our 3 year old and off we went to one of our favorite blinds in a green strip in the middle of a corn field.

We got in the blind about 3 p.m. and waited about an hour when a couple of hens came in. One hen came to our hen decoy and puffed herself up and circled it and started pecking this decoy apart. She didn’t do it long but I had never saw a hen do that before, it was pretty cool. They went their way before too long and the wait was on again.

I peeked out the blind a little while later and thought I saw a gobbler. Dave grabbed the Nikons and surmised that it was a Jake because it only had a stubby little beard. He disappeared into the corn but every now and then I could see him and pretty soon, the “Jake” was standing on the edge of the corn in back of our decoys. He stood there quite a while measuring things up but finally decided to come in and check things out. He came all the way to 10 yards of the blind right by our decoys, checked them out and then broke left and kept going. Suddenly he decided he wanted to strut. Dave said to me, “I think that is a gobbler, not a Jake, he has a full tail fan.”

He grabbed the Nikons again and examined his spurs. “Yep, that is no Jake, he has at least inch spurs.” But by this time, this gobbler was over 20 yards away. I wasn’t sure that I could make that shot on a turkey, but thought, why not give it a try.

Dave and I had to do some trading places and by the time I was ready, the turkey was at 28 yds, tail fan to me. “Just aim for where the tail fan comes together.” So I did and let the arrow fly. The turkey didn’t even go 5 yards.

What an exciting hunt!