There's nothing I look forward to more than opening day of deer season except youth opening turkey weekend. Fortuantely my 2 oldest boys (stepsons) look forward to it just as much. Ohio's youth laws require that each youth has a licensed adult hunter accompany them, so I made a few phone calls and got everything worked out. I was taking Jarrod my 12yr old, Jarod Hawkins was taking Zachary my 16yr old and friend Kenny Bevans was going to film us all. We thought we were all set, until we realized Jarrod had a baseball game at noon and had to be home by 10:30 in order to make it to the game. Sunday wasn't looking to promising with rain in the forcast. So if we were going to make it happen for Jarrod, it would have to be quick.

We decided to go after a Tom that had been appearing in our field everyday for well over a week. Mel had wanted to save that one for herself, but decided to have Jarrod take a chance at him so he would be able to enjoy a hunt. We thought he would be an easy kill for him since the Tom was quit comfortable around our property, we assumed wrong. Here is Jarrod's story in his own words:

It was a cool April morning. Me, Zach, Kenny, Jarod and dad went out behind our house. We got into a spot and called and waited. Then my dad called again and off in the distance we could hear gobbling. So we waited a little longer and then we saw mom's big tom. Right behind it was 2 hens and 2 jakes. The tom staid out at 52yrds and wouldn't come in any closer. There was also a deer with him. The hens and Jakes walked to about 15yds but the tom just walked away. I wasn't able to shoot at the tom but it was neat to watch him and the video of him was really cool. Hope mom gets a chance at him.

We let this area and decided to go look somewhere else. When we all got to the new spot dad started doing some calling. We could hear 2 toms in the distance so he called some more and they started moving in. We got to a tree and and in postion and called again. Then we could see 2 toms walk up the hill. I got my gun ready and took the safety off. The 2 toms walked to 42yds into an open space and I took the shot. I watched it go down.

We tried to stay out a little longer to get Zach a bird, but a coyote chased it off. I got my tom and headed for home just in time to make to my 1st baseball game of the season. What a great day. Thanks Dad!!