Well....on opening day I had the opportunity to go out with Engie (Michael Engelmeyer - Photographer/Legend) and Chad Kilmer (Drury Team Member/Turkey Guide). We had a great hunt right off of the roost and I filmed Engie whack one with a TC 12 Gauge right at first light! Great footage and a great way to start off the season.

After we filled our bellies with some breakfast we decided to go out to another place that Chad hunts in Novinger, MO. I was really dreading the "Novinger" hunt because you can walk for miles it seems like and every time you see a turkey it will be on the other side of the property and off you go to start hiking again! We got on a hot bird and he was gobbling at every thing Chad was throwing his way. He ended up hanging up just out of sight, which was brutal because we could hear him gobbling and spitting and drumming at about 40 yards, but I couldn't see him at all! He finally busted and took out...day 1 was over for us.

Day 2 I was heading back out with Chad and we went back to the spot where Engie killed the morning before. We heard a few birds, but the morning was a little cooler and I think it kept the birds quiet on the roost that morning. After messing around and chasin' birds around the property for a while we decided to head back over to Novinger.

We set up on the bird from the day before and yet again he was hammering every call that Chad made! I could hear him spitting and drumming about 40 yards behind us. He was gobbling his head off. Out of no where I could here a hen clucking and she made her way straight to the gobbler and out of our life forever. He got us 2 days in a row!

We started walking and striking at that point. We were sitting on one far side of the property and had 2 birds hammer Chad's call...we spotted them with the Nikon Dream Season Binos and they were clear across the property about 1000 yards away, but they took off running down the hillside towards us! We took off running down our hillside and decided to meet 'em in the middle!  We set up in a creek bed on a sand bar and put the Flambeau Shady Lady Decoy out. These two adult gobblers slowly and surely crept closer and closer to our position. I felt like we were in Florida sitting there in the sand and shade!

Finally...I could see the two gobblers heads creep through the brush and after two days of chasing them I felt like we were about seal the deal! I whispered to Chad and asked if he was on him and told him to call one last time to try and separate them and get them to gobble! They both gobbled and for one of the birds....it was the last gobble that will ever come out :)

We had a great time in camp with Pete Shepley, Blake Shelby, Mike "The Legend" Engelmeyer as well as the Usual Suspects of Kilmer, Comstock, Coon Dog...oh and Mark and dad of course!  

Safe Hunting! -Matthew W. Drury