It was a real honor to have Pete Shepley, Owner/President of PSE Archery and Blake Shelby, Marketing Director for PSE in turkey camp with us. We had set up this hunt so we could do a photoshoot (with the legendary Michael "Engie" Engelmeyer from Great Outdoors Studios) with Pete, Mark & Terry for promotional reasons, but the real reason was so we could share a hunting camp with a guy who's just about killed every animal on the face of the planet! Pete truly is one of the godfather's of the modern bowhunting world!

As is tradition in the Missouri Turkey Camp, Coon Dog always has a special treat for the Drury Team and guests in camp and this year was no different!  He had made up some very special T-Shirts this year and they had the St. Louis Cardinals Logo on a MAD Calls Box Call on the back of the shirt....truly Dog's best shirt to date!  

Of course we didn't roost any birds the night before so Mark and Pete decided to go to the 80. Over the last two years this spot has been magical for us. Matt Drury has killed on the same ridge top the last two opening mornings so we had a little history here! This year was a little different because Terry had erected a Big Game Freestyle Box Blind for deer season and it was sitting right where Matt killed his birds the last two years. The plan was put in place....Mark and Pete were going to hunt out of the Big Game Blind while Terry was going to stay back at the main farm and scout his locations just in case Mark and Pete didn't have any luck.

The spot didn't dissapoint and right away Mark and Pete started hearing two birds gobbling intermintidly, but they weren't in the spot they usually had roosted. It was difficult for Mark to stay there because he was sitting there texting back and forth with Terry who was at the main farm hearing all kinds of gobbling for the "plan B" if things didn't work out at the 80.

So over the next 2 hours Mark called to the birds it felt like 100 times between the M.A.D. Calls Cherry Bomb slate and the Shipwreck mouth call. Slowly but surely the birds started coming in. Finally the gobble they had been waiting on all morning shook the interior of the Big Game Freestyle blind and Mark had felt like the bird they had waited on all morning was coming in.

Wasn't long the birds popped down in a green lane and locked in on the Flambeau King Strut and Shady Lady decoy and came hard to 25 yards. Pete made a great shot and the bird only went about 60 yards!

As Mark and Pete got down to recover Pete's bird Mark had a text from Terry that said he had strutters all over the place at the main farm. That will come in to play the next few days for sure!

Coolest part about it, Pete at the ripe young age of 69 said he gets just as exicted for a Missouri turkey as he does for an African Cape Buffalo. In fact he leaves in 2 weeks for that very hunt!

Mark mentioned that is was such a treat to spend the morning with a hunting legend and he looks forward to sharing many more hunting camps with him in the future!