Well, only a few days had passed since Terry and I had luck where Terry killed and we had been hearing several gobbling in that area….so back to the source we went!

Turkey Season was beginning to wear on us after getting up at 4:30 day after day (we aren’t so used to hunting these mornings after all), but it wasn’t hard to get up this particular morning because I knew I was going hunting with two of my favorite people…Tad Brown and older brother Terry (and I mean waaaay older).

The plan was to set up the decoys in an open field with Tad on the main camera and Terry off in the distance filming from a remote location in a box blind. This set up was a bit different for us 3 run and gunners! But we hung in there and for two hours and finally some birds started to come onto the field.

I had placed my favorite decoy set up (Flocked King Strut and Shady Lady from Flabmeau) with clear visibility in all directions. We called sparingly every 10 – 20 minutes with very little gobbling in response. Finally 2 gobblers appeared some 200 yards away and they immediately locked on to the decoy spread!

Within minutes they were closing in on our position and Taylor’s Thompson Center 20 Gauge did the trick! It was an awesome foggy sunrise with great friends and the grandest birds of all…truly made for a hunt I will never forget!