April 9: John O'Dell Sr.

Well this hunt started last year when I met good friend Matt Bullins from Galax VA. When we met he told me that he had some good turkey hunting ground in North Carolina and asked if I wanted to give it a try. Well right away I asked if it would be okay for my day to hunt as he lives in Cary, NC and it had been several years since he was able to get out for spring turkey hunting. Matt said no problem and so the hunt was set. When I called to let my dad know he was ecstatic.

Well the time for the hunt finally had arrived and my dad was like a little kid in a Candy store during the short drive from my house to meet up with Matt. He had been doing some scouting and felt like we should be into turkeys. Well that was an understatement to say the least. From first light and our first gobbles of the morning until just after 5:00PM we were into one turkey after another. The only problem was that over the years my dad has become a lot slower and has difficulty sitting perfectly still so to make a long story short we finally put everything together to get a gobbler in range of the old mans 12 gauge turkey gun.

So at around 5:00PM we had two gobblers coming on a string and my dad well concealed and comfortable. When the twin toms saw our King Strut it was all over and when they marched into range my dad finally gave one of the toms a dirt nap! We had a blast and a big thank you goes out to Matt for being so patient and setting up this hunt for my dad.

I’m still trying to get my son Jacob on a bird here in VA so until then good hunting!