April 18: Michael "THE LEGEND" Engelmeyer

It was our pleasure to have a truly "legendary" photographer in camp for the Missouri Opener this year.  Not only have we been extremely close friends with Michael Engelmeyer (Great Outdoors Studios) over the years, but have been very fortunate to get to work with this talented photographer several times in our hunting career.  "Engie" is one of those guys that can light up a hunting camp.  He is fun to have around and with Pete Shepley and Blake Shelby in from PSE we were sure to have a great time! 

Engie was coming in camp to do a photoshoot with Mark, Terry and Pete but since he was there we figured why not try and turkey hunt opening morning and do the photoshoot that evening.  The plan was set that we would send Engie with Chad Kilmer (equally tall in stature) as well as Matt Drury to film.  Matt was humbled to get to spend the morning literally in the shadow of these two tall giants!  

There was going to be a bit of a drive to get to the hunting spot that morning so the day started off at 4 A.M.!  Once the three got to the spot they realized there was plenty of time to set up before day break....go figure, huh? With the Flambeau Shady Ladies out and the new Flocked King Strut decoy something was sure to get fooled! All morning long the turkeys were talking their heads off on the roost.  It was one of the best gobbling mornings that the three of them have ever heard.  All morning long they had a longbeard roosted in a tree about 200 yards in front of them and they got great footage of him walking back and forth on the limb in full strut.  Figuring that this bird was going to fly down right into their trap they really hadn't payed much attention to the birds gobbling from behind them.  

Out of no where they heard a very loud and very close set of gobbles and Chad looked back and to his surprise were 2 adult gobblers coming from right behind the three!  If one of the two gobblers was going to meet his demise they were going to have to pass the three Mossy Oak clad hunters and shoot through about a 20 foot fence gap to the decoys.  Although they started to get a little squirrly around the fence gap the Flambeau decoys were just too much to take and they left their better judgment and continued on through.  They went straight to the decoys and Matt gave Engie the green light!  That was all she wrote....Engie made a great shot and at about 6:30 A.M. the three were on their way to breakfast and full bellies! 

Great opening morning and one that won't soon be forgotten for the three hunters!