After having completed the two state double for Doctor Haskell…we still had enough time to get back to Missouri and roost. Luckily we found two gobblers and after they flew up eased in tight to set up a ground blind using the cover of darkness in anticipation for the next morning’s hunt. After a short night’s sleep (which felt more like a long nap as opposed to a full night’s sleep) we were up and at em!

Long story short – the gobbling activity was tremendous. For well over a half-hour Mark had them gobbling at every sound he made…yet, they hung up at 65 yards and would not come any closer. Just turkeys being turkeys!!

Now, it was time for my favorite thing…running and gunning! We covered a lot of ground and finally found a hot one! It didn’t take long and we were within a hundred yards! Mark, called and after hearing just a few notes - this guy had heard enough…he was in full strut and on his way.

It was like he was on string (which rarely happens to me – unless I’m with Mark). @ 25 yards Mark made him gobble one last time and then gave me the signal “kill him”. Bam…he was down for the count!

Our tags were filled and it was time to relax ! Nothing better than heading back to the house to review some phenomenal in your face gobbling action! I can’t wait to see it all again and again on Long Beard Madness 16!!