Tuesday evening arrived, and who rolled into camp but Tad Brown. It was decided that evening that Tad would go with Chad Kilmer and Coon Dog to one of Chad’s farms.

When the boys arrived at the farm, they headed to a spot Chad had named Easy Pickin’s. It’s a little green bottom field Chad loves to hunt.

As Tad was placing the Flocked King Strut, new flocked hen and flocked jake decoys by Flambeau, Coon Dog and Chad set up at the edge of the field, where Coon Dog would run the primary camera and Chad would be on the secondary camera.

The boys had just settled into position when the birds began gobbling their heads off — right in front of them. With that, the boys knew they were in the game.

Daylight broke, and flydown arrived. The hens began pitching down, and the longbeards were not far behind. After the birds hit the ground, they came straight to King Strut and his lady. When the turkeys reached the decoys, they put on quite a show.

After Dog milked the footage, he gave Tad the signal, and Tad fired the Thompson/Center to put the smack down on his first Missouri gobbler of the season.

Not bad for the first day in camp for old Tad. You’ve just got to love it when a plan comes together!