April 21: Steve "Coon Dog" Coon & Chris Comstock

Back to the Well!

After being apart for a day, Chris and Coon Dog were back together. They decided that Chris would be up to bat first and would swing the Thompson Center.

Chris decided to hunt his farm because of all the longbeards he had seen during preseason scouting, and boy did it pay off. It wasn’t long before daylight arrived and the birds began sounding off. There had to be at least 10 to 12 birds on the playing field, and Chris and Dog knew it was just a matter of time before one of the loudmouths would show up.

It didn’t take long for not one but four birds to arrive, and when they hit the field, it was like a track meet as they ran to King Strut and his flocked hen.

When the birds were at the decoys, it was very difficult for Chris to get on the strutter because every gobbler was so close to the King! Finally, the strutter pushed the other birds away, and Chris placed the gobbler’s head inside the new Nikon Turkey Pro scope. With that, another Missouri turkey bit the dust!

With one bird down, it was time to run and gun for Coon Dog’s bird. It wasn’t long until the boys struck a gobbler, but as Chris and Dog moved from the original setup to get better footage, the bird came in on the camera side, and another longbeard walked because of the camera.

After striking a few more spots, Chris and Coon Dog decided to return to Chris’ farm to try one of the many birds they heard earlier.

The boys struck a gobbler, put out one hen decoy and began working the turkey. It seemed to take a long time, as the bird was working in slowly. But when he hit the field, the longbeard strutted all the way in.

When the turkey was in range, Coon Dog dirt-rolled another Missouri gobbler with the Thompson/Center and new Turkey Pro by Nikon.

It just goes to show that you can go to the well more than once. Longbeard Madness 16 — you gotta love it!