April 26: Steve "Coon Dog" Coon & Chris Comstock

Hot Birds!

Well, the boys are back at it but this time they are packing a deadly weapon. The weapon’s name is “ Mark Drury”. Not only is it bad enough when you get Comstock and Coon Dog together, but now they have a mouthpiece.

First stop - Coon Dog’s lease in northern Missouri. The only problem…. Mark picked the time to leave and boy were we late. It didn’t matter though, once the three located the birds they were off and running. The only problem was that Mark, Comstock, and Coon Dog were arguing over where to set up on the birds and just how close the birds were prior to set up.

Just close your eyes for one second and imagine how it was to hear Comstock the Turkey Legend and the Famous Mark Drury world champion caller try to strike these birds! Well, after the friction contest was over Mark won by striking the birds, but you won’t get Comstock to admit it!

So it was time to get set up, Coon Dog was the shooter with the Thompson Center, Comstock was primary camera man, and how lucky were we to have Mark float calling for us and running a second camera.

After what seemed like a lifetime on the first set up, we all put our heads together and decided to move because even though the birds wanted to come, a fence was in the way.

So with this being Dog’s farm, he was able to move the boys in the right direction. The only problem was that the three longbeards were also trying to figure out on how to get to Mark’s calling.

As the boys were slipping through the deep and muddy creek, guess who took the high road?---The three longbeards. But that was ok because as the birds passed, the boys had a game plan--let the birds walk by and then set up.

No more then Coon Dog and Chris got set up, Mark began calling and within seconds the longbeards came screaming in. So as the birds put on an awesome show as they walked into gun range, it was time to put one to rest and another Missouri Gobbler dirt rolled for Coon Dog as the Thompson Center roared in the north Missouri woods!

Now with one bird down and the sun finally out after four days of rain, it was time to do what the boys are famous for--“ Run and Gun”. So it was off to Comstock’s property where the boys struck out on the first attempt. But don’t worry--another friction competition was about to begin, and believe it or not Mark took round two and another group of hot birds were on their way.

Now with Comstock packing the Thompson Center, Coon Dog running the camera and Mark calling, it did not take but a few seconds and another Missouri Longbeard bit the dust.

After the bird bit the dust, Comstock looked over at me and said “Dang! Mark just yelped in my bird—I’ll never hear the end of it.”

So, after spending one of the most awesome days in the turkey woods, Comstock, Coon Dog, and Mark walked out of the woods with a memory that will never leave them!!