April 12: Rick Malik, Terry Drury, Mark Drury

Rick Malik harvested 4/13/10, Terry Drury harvested 4/14/10, Mark Drury harvested 4/14/10

Turkey season 2010 was finally here!! Three years ago, Mark Drury had invited me out to hunt those big Iowa longbeards. We had a great hunt with Mark, Tad Brown and myself taking nice birds. Unfortunately, I did not draw a tag in 2009. This year, Iowa did not disappoint. I had another Iowa turkey tag and was headed out for the first season. This year both Mark and Terry would be in camp as well as Craig Cushman from Thompson Center. We all headed out the evening before season to try and roost some birds. Good old Jared Lurk had some Reconyx pictures of several longbeards using a beautiful Biologic clover field, so Mark headed there. An evening text from Mark confirmed that the birds were right where he wanted them. Mark stayed late to set up a blind and put out the decoy's. Well, as they say, roosted doesn't always mean roasted.

Opening morning found Mark, Terry and I lined up in the blind like we were on a cheap flight to China. The birds were there, but they did not like something about our set-up. The next morning Terry and I were headed back to the clover field and were going to try it again without the blind and Mark and Craig were going to go their own way. The morning of day #2 was even better than day #1. Terry and I were surrounded by gobblers. We had a big bird working, but was very "henned up". Just as he decided to check out our set-up, another longbeard came running in gobbling from the left. After a few seconds showing off for the decoys, I fed him a load of #5's from the old TC. Later that morning, Terry and I heard that Craig had scored as well on a great bird. Now it was Mark and Terry's turn.

The next morning found us checking out some new ground. Terry was up first and boy did we have a front row seat to some awesome action. We had several longbeards doing it all at about 100yds, but none would leave their ladies to check us out. Once they moved off, we decided to move down and try to set up a blind for the morning. As we were choosing a set-up, I looked over and saw a strutter coming from the direction the birds left the field. We all dove for the closest cover. I made it to the treeline as Mark and Terry we're caught in a bad place along the field. Mark did a great job to call the bird into gun range. At the last minute, the bird realized he was in trouble, but it was too late and Terry dropped the hammer on his TC. Terry and I had a great Iowa longbeards.

Now it was Mark's turn! We took Terry's bird back to the truck and decided to check some of the other fields for birds. We hadn't made it 5 minutes from the truck when Mark spotted several strutter's about 300 yards away. We stowed the Hunt Vee and set up to try and call the birds in. It was very windy, so Mark and Terry really poured on the calling and attracted several of the birds. I was filming and was set up behind Mark, with Terry well behind me. Mark signalled that the birds were coming and to get ready. After quite a while, I could tell from Mark's reactions that the birds were close. Just then a gobbler walked right in. After a few tense moments between hunter and cameraman, Mark smoked him.

What a hunt! Rarely do we ever get to hunt together as a Drury team. This was a very special hunt and a great way to start the 2010 season! Good luck to everyone out there.