May 4: Jacob Eugster

Last year my son Jacob took his first turkey, a large old double bearded tom. This year we were seeing a couple of really nice toms that we couldn’t wait to go after. Jacob is a busy young man, he’s out for track and baseball. Our time out was going to be limited.

Jacob’s first hunt found us in a blind during a big thunder shower, lots of fun, but no turkeys! The next morning found us running and gunning a big tom with no luck. That afternoon we invited a friend of Jacobs, Jacob Williamson, who had never been turkey hunting before. The three of us had a great hunt. At one point we had a huge tom at 10 yards, Jacob could have shot it but my camera angle on it was not good. I told Jacob not to shoot and when that gobbler left I felt terrible that I had not let Jacob take’em.

The next day at noon the three of us went back to the same location. We spotted the same huge tom and made a stalk on him. The tom was in full strut, but there was lots of brush between us. Jacob had a clear shot, he asked if he could shoot and I gave him the green light. I was right over his shoulder. Jacob shot and put the big double beard down!

Jacob’s first two turkeys were both big old double beards. The three of us were pretty excited to say the least. I think we also created a new hunter out of Jacob W.