Last Set Up!!!

May third was a special day! I had taken my last bird before I turn 50, but the trip was not over yet, someone still had a tag in his pocket. Yep for some strange reason Mark always wants to hunt so that birthday eve we were out roosting birds and let me tell you it’s some of the prettiest roost footage I have ever filmed with clouds and the sun setting behind Mark as he coyote howled, but most of all the birds that Mark had gobbling!!! We were again in the ball game with a roosted bird!

The next morning found us just below the roosted bird in a cut corn field but the bird we roosted the night before had tight lips for some reason. Mark began calling very aggressive in an attempt to get the bird to open his mouth. As Mark continued calling to the roosted bird another bird to our left began gobbling to every note that Mark sent from his slate. Well it didn’t take Mark long and we were off and running to that second bird and just as we got in a better position to strike the bird again, our original bird began to answer.

Mark turned and said the original bird is hotter and he’s coming, but we have to get to his field before he does. So we took off at a fast pace only to find him standing at the edge of the field. As we began to get set up on the bird we knew we had to make it to the corner of the field and we also knew we had to get a decoy out to kill this bird. But as luck would have the hot bird beat us to the punch as he strutted into the field screaming his fool head off. Even though some great footage was laid down on the bird he saw a live hen in the next field and that’s all it took we thought we were out of the game.

But wait your hunting with Mark so as he began slipping and sliding he began watching as the bird made its way in the other field. With that Mark said all we have to do is get ahead of that bird and he’s as good as dead. So now we are off and running through the muddy creek in an attempt to get ahead of the hot bird. Mark ever so often would sneak up to the edge of the field so we could keep tabs on the bird and his location. Mark turns one more time and said just grab your camera and let’s make our last move on this bird. As I dropped the camera bag and my vest I knew this was going to be the last set up!

As we slipped into position we found ourselves on a pretty green lane that led from the field that our gobbling bird was in. As Mark began working the bird he turned to me and said “this bird is going to die” as the bird continued his death march it did not take Mark long and he had the bird step from his field onto our playing field. And wouldn’t you know it Mark just had to make the bird gobble one more time before he dirt rolled that bird with the Thompson Center 20 gauge!!

So what a way to spend your Birthday filming Mark fill his last Missouri Turkey Tag! What a gift for the Dog!